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Resolving Family Law Issues Through Mediation

In a traditional divorce, each party’s respective attorney works to negotiate or argue in court the terms of a favorable settlement or agreement. Often, decisions on important matters, including the division of marital assets and the terms of a child custody agreement, are made by a judge and not by the actual individuals who are divorcing or parents who will share custody.

In recent decades, mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution have gained popularity as more people choose to take control and settle family law cases out of court. Strentz Greene & Coleman PLC, can explain whether mediation could be a beneficial solution for your case.

How Mediation Works

Unlike a court case, where a judge or jury makes the final decision, in mediation the involved parties work to develop their own solution. A mediator, who is an impartial third party, helps the two sides remain focused on resolving differences, rather than inflaming them. The mediator does not, however, make decisions for the two parties.

Mediation can be a great option for former couples who agree they want to divorce or resolve child custody issues amicably. By focusing on reaching an agreement, the two parties can avoid some of the bitterness that lingers after a divorce. This can be especially important for divorcing couples who have children, and who therefore must continue to interact in the future.

Why Choose Mediation?

When possible, mediation has many benefits to traditional litigation, including:

  • Less expensive — With fewer court filings and related attorney fees, mediation typically costs hundreds or thousands of dollars less than litigation.
  • Less time-consuming — Because involved parties determine when and how often they meet, legal issues can typically be sorted out in much less time than going to court.
  • Less acrimonious — To be effective, involved parties must be able to come together and compromise for mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Provides parties more control — Involved parties are able to tailor the terms of a divorce or child custody agreement to address and meet their specific concerns and needs.

A Choice Of Mediators

At Strentz Greene & Coleman PLC, we work with the firm Mediation Solutions to provide a wide range of mediation services in Virginia, including family mediation, business mediation and more. You can choose one of our attorneys as your mediator, or Mediation Solutions can set you up with a former judge who will serve as your mediator.

To learn about mediation and find out whether it’s right for you, call the experienced lawyers of Strentz Greene & Coleman PLC, today at 540-479-1511. You can also contact us by email. From our office in Fredericksburg, we help people from throughout Spotsylvania, Stafford and King George counties.