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How to File for a Protective Order in Virginia

At Strentz Greene & Coleman, PLC, we can walk you through the requirements, help you gather the necessary evidence, and assist you in filing a petition with the court.

Navigating Custody Over Summer in Virginia

To help you navigate your child custody agreement this summer in Virginia, Strentz Greene & Coleman, PLC has prepared a guide on what to do if your co-parent violates a custody agreement.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney?

Whether you are seeking to establish boundaries with a former spouse or striving to gain increased access to your children, our firm is ready to provide support.

The Impact of High Assets on Divorce Proceedings

At Strentz Greene & Coleman, PLC, we specialize in providing experienced guidance to high-net-worth individuals navigating the divorce process in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and its surrounding areas.

Women-Owned Businesses (March)

Stacey Strentz, Brenda Greene, and Tara-Beth Coleman have dedicated their services to the Fredericksburg area for their entire careers.

Co-Parenting in the Time of COVID-19

Contact the experienced family law attorneys at Strentz, Greene & Coleman, PLC to discuss a case strategy specifically tailored to your situation. We are here to guide you on this journey during these unprecedented times.

Can The Police Search My Car?

In this blog post, learn more about if police are allowed to search your car.

Protective Orders

Whether you are the petitioning the court for a protective order or are defending yourself against one, the skilled attorneys at Strentz, Greene & Coleman, PLC can assist you with your legal needs.

What Type of Divorce Should I Pursue?

We have extensive knowledge regarding the spousal support factors and recent tax law changes and would enjoy speaking with you about spousal support in the context of your marriage or previous spousal support award that you are currently ordered to pay or receive.

What Type of Adoption Do I Need?

The attorneys at Strentz, Greene & Coleman, PLC have extensive knowledge in this arena and have assisted numerous clients with this exciting but highly technical process. Let us help you grow your family!

Dividing Property and Debt During Divorce

In this blog post, learn more about diving property and debt during a divorce.

What Grandparents Need to Know When Seeking Custody or Visitation of a Grandchild in Virginia

In this blog post, learn more from Strentz Greene & Coleman about what grandparents need to know when seeking custody or visitation of a grandchild.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Its Impact on Custody/Divorce Proceedings

If you find yourself involved in a family law matter with a narcissist it is imperative to act quickly and protect both you and your family during this time.