Stacey Strentz


Stacey Strentz


Stacey Strentz founded Strentz & Greene, PLC in 2013, with partner Brenda Greene. In 2020 Tara-Beth Coleman joined the practice to form Strentz Greene & Coleman. Stacey serves families navigating divorce and child support and custody issues. She has been practicing law since 1993 and is licensed exclusively in Virginia. She is also an owner in the Mediation Solutions practice and founded the Yoga Foundation in 2015. When she's not serving families in the community, you can find Stacey active in her family’s many activities.

Stacey served on the board for the Court Appointed Special Advocates for 15 years. Stacey served as a Guardian ad litem for 15 years and is dedicated to the protection of children.Stacey represented Spotsylvania DSS from 1994-1995. She also served on the Juvenile Justice Committee at the State Legislature from 1994-1995. Stacey serves as the Current Chairman of the Fredericksburg family Law Committee.

Stacey has a 15 year old and a 12 year old and firmly understands what it takes to be a working Mom and also appreciates Dad's who work and care for the children. When she's not serving can find her riding her horse, doing yoga, taking her son to his many mountain biking races or taking her daughter to art and violin classes.

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