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If you are going through a divorce, a child custody dispute or another issue involving family law, you know how painful these cases can be. If you are going to protect your rights, your finances, your future and your family, you need a lawyer with the knowledge and skills to help, but you also need someone who is compassionate and understands what you are going through.

At the Fredericksburg, Virginia, law office of Strentz & Greene, PLC, we know many of our clients are going through some of the toughest times of their lives. If you come to us for help, we treat you with respect and compassion as we help you understand your legal options. However, when it comes time to argue on your behalf, we fight hard to protect your rights and your future.

Litigation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

We believe in helping our clients resolve their family law issues in the way that works best for them in the long term. For many clients, the best results will come through traditional litigation. We have the skills, experience and dedication to forcefully argue on behalf of our clients to help them reach solutions in court or through out-of-court negotiations.

However, for some clients, traditional litigation does not offer the best or most cost-effective means of resolving issues. For these clients, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation can offer a greater sense of control over the outcome as well as lower costs.

In cases where it is appropriate, we offer a full range of mediation services. For more information, see our mediation page.

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